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The Spring – Summer’23 tapestry of time weaves together different threads of human history and diversity to create a unique and intricate tapestry of design and style, some essential quality somewhere at the crossroads of form and function, comfort and culture.

Inspired by the different cultures that have shaped human history, a tapestry of Time collection honors the legacy of those who came before us by incorporating elements from different eras and cultures. A reflection of our shared human experience refers to the idea that as human beings, we all have common experiences, emotions, and values that connect us. Despite differences in culture, background, and upbringing, share similar experiences such as love, loss, joy, and pain. This idea suggests that we can learn from each other's experiences and perspectives, and use them to create a more harmonious and understanding world.

Tapestry of Time collection celebrates the richness and diversity of human culture, and it inspired us to embrace our differences and appreciate the unique beauty of every culture and style. The collection is a testament to bringing people together across different cultures and eras to create something new.

The collection features a diverse array of craftsmanship, methods, and techniques, including manual embroidery, manual hand stitches, and printed graphics, to provide a classic yet sophisticated look. Each piece is meticulously crafted, representing the Mankind's commitment to quality and attention to detail.