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Formed in 2015, MANKIND is a menswear and streetwear fusion label based in the capital city of West Java, Bandung. Immensely influenced by the native western cultural heritage, MANKIND products encapsulate the exploration of ethnic elements on their line, and outstandingly obscure the
boundaries between fashion, culture, and art.

Arisen with a substantial ideology on cultural identity, MANKIND continues its exploration by unveiling its Autumn/Winter 2021 collection. The collection named “PANAMA TANGO'' is derived from a tropical soul-warming Panamanian ambiance fused with wide-ranging vibrant western indigenous culture.

“PANAMA TANGO” collection features various shirts and prints methods, symmetrical cut western jacket, bomber satin jacket, and transformation of
photography into electrifying patterns, doodles, and embroideries. In addition, the collection is also completed by several fabrics selection, craftsmanship techniques, experimental dyeing, and aesthetic stitching. Those varieties of accent packed the newest collection as the
notion of freedom celebration, without redefining the value of MANKIND itself.

A homage to their native, history, and diversity that much represents the value of M.A.N.K.I.N.D itself.

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