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The Fall – Winter cerulean troupe references to philosophy, history, and myth, the collection’s intent is to elevate garments mixed materials and primary colours together, also appearance that speaks to a desire that many of us as human, some essential quality somewhere at the crossroads of form and fuction, comfort and culture.

 It is apparent that the present thought process is fixated on the immediate and near-term future. It is not about the distant future, or some sort of fantasy of a far away place. Today’s consciousness us as human being is very much tuned into the here and now just like a journey. This feeling that can sense by vision, physicality, taste, and sense is the philosophy of cerulean troupe is the correct point of departure for the fall/winter 2022 collection.

 A wide range of references are the concept of cerulean troupe expressed through illustrations, characters, ornaments, themes and images in the form of printed graphics, embroidery and patterns. Distinctly come through the craftsmanship methods, fabrics and techniques mediated and transformed into the range of products in the fall – winter cerulean troupe.

The collection features up new interation features various types of jackets such as chore, bandana, quilted jackets with a shoehorses pattern, signature shirts, fitted knitwear, multiple options of t-shirts, bottoms and accessories With regards to the use of materials, the brand features attentively-crafted fabrics to obtain solid yet relaxed end-products, ranging from durable cotton corduroy, heavy cotton canvas, and linen in cerulean troupe. The homage to history and diversity rooted in Western or Eastern elements a homeage to history and diversity expresses some vital characteristics somewhere between form and function, comfort and culture that much represent the values of MANKIND.