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Soile Solstice
Fall/Winter 2020.

A continuous story of M.A.N.K.I.N.D manifests itself.

Civilization, culture, dignity, suffering, prosper, winning or losing, and all of the things that made us human in shaping our humanity.

This season remarks as a new discovery throughout the cultural elements of an ethnic or social group that are rooted in the past, but are persisting into the present due to its means such as arts, crafts, music, and storytelling in certain forms of oral communication.
From Western to Eastern folklore,references come far and wide led to incorporate those aspects throughout illustrations,characters, ornaments, themes, images and stories.

Mediated and transformed into the range of products in the collection, include different array of craftsmanship methods, fabrics, and techniques with vibrant colour highlights. Including dyed garments, sweats, tailored, mo hair,embroidery, printed graphics, and patterns.

A homage to their native, history and diversity that much represents the value of M.A.N.K.I.N.D itself.

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