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A continuous story of M.A.N.K.I.N.D manifest about human itself.

Civilization, culture, dignity, suffer, prosper, winning or losing, and all of the things that made us human in shaping our humanity.
This season remarks as a development of the brand on the unveiling its new collection spring/summer 2020.
“A Movable Feast” is a deeper look on the history of human race and it civilization in 16th - 19th century.
Taking on exploration from west to the North side of America or so called Mesoamerican, is historical area where hunter-gatherer and native tribes left their distinct fingerprints. This season try to incorporate those historical aspects throughout characters, themes, images and stories.

Mediated to visual literacy merging with the iconic American frontier apparel that transformed into the range of products in the collection, include different array of craftsmanship methods and techniques.

Dyed fabrics, tailored suit outfits, embroidery, printed graphics, and patterns.
A homage of their native, history and diversity that much represents the value of M.A.N.K.I.N.D itself.

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