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An extension of MANKIND conceptually, exploration with a different yet complimentary approach to MANKIND products, the concept of "ARCHIVES COLLECTION" focuses on the reinterpretation and restructuring of the disassembling of previous ideas to freely reconstruct to reflect the perspective make something beautiful and long-lasting that has come to describe specific pieces from MANKIND itself.

Reinterpreting functionality and design in this collection MANKIND Archives collection looks back into MANKIND's past collections and aims to highlight core moments from mankind’s legacy. Positioned as a retrospective, the archives collection gives a chance to get their hands on reissued pieces from the MANKIND past collection, such as a classic atacama jacket from SS17 guilt-ridden man, black curtis crewneck jumper from SS19 tribe of the hordes, the chief black corduroy from SS19 tribe of the hordes, jaguar knight jacket from SS20 a moveable feast, howey long sleeve t-shirt in new colorway from SS20 a moveable feast, fantasia crewneck in new colorway from SS20 a movable feast and dormant jacket from FW20 soile solstice.

We design products through MANKIND's variety of inspirations, regardless of what time period from or whether they are rooted in Western or Eastern elements. That is how our process begins. We use everything from manual embroidery, manually printed graphics, and hand stitching. At times, many of that elements can be reborn as a new part as heritage.